Final Project

Final Assignment: Inform, Measure, and Discover

This semester has been composed of three parts, throughout which you have developed skills and undertaken analyses that will converge in your final project. The final project will summarize all of this work in two pieces, the Individual and Group components.


Individual Component

The final paper and presentation will present a research project that reveals one or more discoveries from the data set you have worked with this semester. The project should highlight the measure(s) that you have developed during the semester and incorporate at least one data set in addition to the one you were assigned at the beginning of the course. Note that you are welcome to use any material from the previous midterms and exploratory data assignments for this project.

The paper will be in the format of a public report, consisting of:

Rubric: Paper (Total 20 pts.)

Group Component

As with the previous two midterms, the group will work together to combine all modifications made by group members into an updated data set and documentation.

Rubric: Group component (Total 5 pts.)